Silent Hill is getting a new movie to reboot the franchise

Return to Silent Hill is a new movie in the series and will be a total reboot from the original movie’s director. The movie was announced along with a remake of Silent Hill 2, which will serve as its story inspiration.

Melania Trump will join other first ladies like Jill Biden, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton to promote a women’s suffrage monument

Trump tweeted on Wednesday that she is “honored” to help secure a National Mall monument “of enduring inspiration for women and future female leaders.”

Forgotten Voices review – steely defiance in apartheid-era South Africa

Shakespeare North Playhouse, PrescotA crisp production tells the extraordinary real-life story of Eva Moorhead who laid the groundwork for the ANCIn December 1919, dock workers in Cape Town took industrial action. For two weeks, 2,000 members of the newly for…

7 Ways for Marketers to Get Out of a Creativity Rut

If you feel like you’re falling into a marketing rut, use your competitors, friends, and even people you don’t know for inspiration.

Breakingviews – Time for Britain to try technocratic government – Reuters

British politicians like to look to America for inspiration. After a month of political and economic turmoil at home, they would be better off studying Italy and Greece. Those nations tackled previous crises by installing governments led by non-politicians. A…

Organizational Inspiration From the Discount Tool Company

When in need of any tool to get a job done quickly, or only for a small number of times, it’s great to have a local “discount tool” company locally for some working, yet often low…

Demisch Denant Presents ‘Made in Situ’ Exploring Cork + Ceramics

Made in Situ is an exhibition by French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance at Demisch Denant centered around nature and materiality.

Final Fantasy 10 is the ultimate ’90s time capsule

Rarely does in-game fashion so closely mimic the pop culture of its time, but with Final Fantasy 10, Square Enix’s styles took significant inspiration from the world around them.

Insects offer inspiration for robot advances

Invertebrates offer solutions to building microbots the size of a fly.

National Guard general speaks on Hurricane Ian rescues, special moment of inspiration

ABC News’ Linsey Davis spoke with Maj. Gen. James O. Eifert, who oversees the Florida National Guard, about Hurricane Ian rescue and recovery efforts.

‘Borgen’ character drew inspiration from Danish PM – Reuters

The screenwriter of hit series “Borgen” says the main theme in the show’s latest season – the darker side of holding power – drew inspiration from Denmark Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who has been criticised for centralising authority.

Super Mario Sounds Exactly Like Chris Pratt—and That’s Fine

The voice revealed in  Nintendo’s trailer disappointed some fans—but honestly, could you listen to high-pitched peals of “Mamma mia!” for an hour and a half?

Details Make the Bosquet X Les Ensembliers Outdoor Collection

Bosquet X Les Ensembliers Outdoor Collection manages to balance its inspiration of California in the 60s and yacht life.

Nintendo Switch Stock Dock Imperfect? Mill Your Own!

Despite the seat of honor it enjoys in literally millions of households, the official Nintendo Switch Dock is certainly far from perfect. For one, it’s not milled out of a hefty block of alum…